We are a jazz quartet comprised by wonderful musicians: vocalist, Upright bass, piano and drums.

Toronto, Toronto, OTH, Canada
Amaury is a Cuban born classically trained pianist, who is currently living in Canada. While in Cuba, he explored both traditional and classical Cuban compositions learning the rudiments of harmony. It was not until he moved to Canada five years ago that he began to show interest in jazz. Amaury graduated from the jazz program at Humber College last year where he took classes with fine Canadian musicians such as Kirck MacDonald, Brian Dickinson, Bernie Zsenesckie, Hilario Duran and Dave Restivo and is presently working towards a degree in musical performance. While at Humber, he was introduced to internationally renowned jazz pianist, Barry Harris, who has widely inspired Amaury's musical work. Amaury has recently formed a quartet with fellow Humber College graduates who share the same musical appetite as him. Together they have been working on a widely varied musical repertoire and have successfully accomplished their musical goal.
 In the jazz world, I have been heavily influenced by legends of jazz such as Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Tommy Flanagan and Barry Harris who has helped me with his unmatchable potential for teaching to understand the language of bebop. McCoy Tyner has also been a big influence as well as Herbie Hancock and Danilo Perez. David Virelles and Luis Dennis, well known as Luisito, are two young players who have tutored me throughout my jazz development.   I have also been influenced by other musicians not necessarily pianists, such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Michael Brecker, Charlie Christian, and others.
 This is a jazz quartet comprised by wonderful musicians with a wide music repertoire. Our repertoire ranges from swing to blues Latin and some 40s pop songs. It is a very nice repertoire good for listening and some good for dancing.

Musical Repertoire

 Our musicianship level allows us to perform to the audience any type of request. If a song is requested and it is not in our repertoire we will ask the person to come to our next performance to enjoy his/her request because from that moment on, the requested song will be part of our repertoire as well.




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