Music that is visceral and spiritual, with energetic live performances

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Artaxian Mantra creates music that is visceral, powerful and spiritual, combining elements of rock, afro-beat, avante-garde. Their journey invokes a search for deeper meaning and spiritual expression. Ambitious with unhinged imagination, they are not afraid to explore and improvise live.

The band’s performance is unyielding, coupled with impassioned vocals, tense and vociferous one minute, frail and beautiful the next. Lyrics weave together stories of abandonment, poverty, freedom, mystical possession and love with clear evidence of the deep thinking philosophical approach to the music.

‘Lunueo’ EP sees the band simultaneously becoming rhythmically and melodically more involved. It confirms the direction the band has chosen with the music they have created in recordings and in live performances, establishing a template of layers and textures - a more relevant representation of their current sound and future direction.

The EP was recorded with Anton Hagop at Origami Studios and Mastered by Leon Zervos at Sterling Sound, New York City. The band continue to rehearse for upcoming shows, writing new material, pushing their songwriting and refusing to rest on their laurels. Live shows are where the band are most explosive, transcendent and unbounded, exploring the songs and emotions to their acute depths.

Keep an eye out for upcoming shows and official EP release.

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