Room 3 are a classy tight 5 peice guitar band who have playing in Melbourne pubs for 5 years. We don't waite for crowds to come to us.. We come to them!

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Room 3 are an established Melbourne 5 peice covers band consisting of Two guitars, Bass, Drums, and vocals. Try to pick out which guitar is playing which part on the night!

We have a very classy sound, and the time we have been playing around melbourne smokey pubs  has allowed us to develop an appeal to mixed range age groups.

We love large crowds and have quite a good reputation wherever we play.

Our large quater ponder sounding guitars allow us to perform and play a wide range of music between 70's and present (y2k) to suite most venues.

Musically, we are a tight outfit, with matched musicians who have playing together since our high school days. 

Our High Quality stage gear and PA system,  with fulltime sound engineer ensure a consisent show each time we play.

Just enquire about us or Come and check us out somewhere in Melbourne.


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