This one is for the big thinkers in the corporate world;

Sydney, NSW, Australia
This one is for the big thinkers in the corporate world; it's the JC All-Stars where Joseph Calderazzo brings together a team of notable Australian musicians to play your favourite songs from the last 50 years. Joseph and his team will work directly with you to determine exactly what style and sound for which you are looking and before you know it you have tailor-made entertainment for your special event.

Sydney based Joseph Calderazzo has worked with some of Australia’s finest singers including
Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), David Campbell, Wes Carr, Christine Anu, John Paul Young, Jack Jones, Jenny Morris, Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets), Ngaiire, Dallas Frasca, Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Jess Dunbar (X Factor), Simon Meli (The Voice), Spencer Jones (The Voice)Carmel Mesiti (Doug Parkinson), Frank Lakoudis (The Voice), Susannah Mirana (Precious), Jimmy Cupples (The Voice), Natasha Stuart (Tina Arena) and Mitchell Anderson (The Voice).

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