Partymyx is a power duo act with a huge sound. We play the latest hits as well the classics. Our song selection has been carefully chosen to include something for everyone.

Canberra, ACT, Australia

PARTYMYX is an power duo with a HUGE sound! Edyl is our amazing singer who has worked professionally touring around the world but lucky for us she has settled in Canberra .

Edyl's diverse range includes the abilty to perform haunting ballads that will send a chill down your spine through to belting out your favorite rock hits and everything in between. Everywhere we have performed so far has been blown away by her singing and ability to entertain and work a crowd.

Glenn is our talented guitarist, he is an accomplished guitar player who has vast experience in performing and entertaining. Glenn incorporates the use of a foot drum to really drive the rhythm section home with a groove that makes you want to dance and tap your foot along to. Using a looping pedal, Glenn creates a full sound of rhythm and lead guitar. Together we have a full sounding act with far more than you expect from a duo.

Our song selection has been carefully chosen to include something for everyone with a great range of songs that are recognised and loved by most as we play the popular radio hits of today back to the 70's 80's 90's and the naughties.

We have a professional sound system with a great sound and we route all instruments directly through a main mixing board. This means we can adjust the volume with ease to make sure you and your guests have the perfect atmosphere, whether that be a pumping dance feel or a relaxed chilled out feel. We are experienced entertainers who can read the room and we are ready to work with you to make your event fun and enjoyable for all.

You will not be disappointed :)


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