Beniii is a house music DJ with a lot of club/large party experience.

Beniii's style ranges through most styles of house from tech/deep through progressive up to hard hitting electro.

Beniii has no interest in playing commercial RnB....

Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
At a young age Beniii loved the way that DJ’s could manipulate music and dance floors. He always had a keen passion for music, drumming through his early days. When Beniii was introduced to a pair of technics 1200s he was hooked! He started mixing/ scratching in around early 2002 and played around with his new found love for music and the technical aspects of sound.

Beniii moved to Melbourne in 2004 where he gained unbelievable inspiration watching the best do their best! Beniii played nights at a bar in Brighton, Melbourne. He played commercial, RnB and house sets. Later he had an opportunity to move back to North Queensland and entertained masses at various nightclubs and set up an act with a fellow DJ, playing Vs. Sets, which the Townsvillians loved!

Beniii has played with big names, such as Kid Kenobi and the Dukes of Windsor. Beniii love all styles of dance music and always brings a different edge to his music. When you hire Beniii you’ll also get everyone on the dance floor.

Some career highlights: -
Played main stage Bombay rock foam party NYE 10:30-3:30
Bombay rock residency,
** supported KID KENOBI and MC SHURESHOCK **
supported DUKES OF WINDSOR - Mix 106.3 Playboy party 2008
Friday nights residency at the bank nightclub,
Townsville Beniii vs. Lukey. - Funky house Sunday afternoons at the loft.
Played at Cowboys (NRL) after party, Townsville.
Played at Mint bar, Brighton, Melbourne.

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