Heavy Metal - D-NINE is a six piece metal band from Brisbane Australia

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Two lead vocals, drums, bass and two guitars. We formed early in 1998 and played our first gig in September 1998. That gig was at the Waterloo Bay Hotel in Wynnum with another local band-Hollow. Over the next twelve months D-NINE played about thirty gigs in and around Brisbane. Including gigs in the suburbs, Ipswich and Eumundi.

In July 1999 we recorded six songs at Modern Music in Brisbane to be released as a CD. At that time-Aaron was a guitarist in the band.

When they returned we started jamming again and soon after brought in a new guitarist. We took the time to teach Pete the old songs that we wanted to keep. After 4 months practice we were ready to play again. D-NINE has played around south-east Queensland with: Segression, The Eagle Buns, Blood Duster, Post-Life Disorder, Vicious Circle, Hollow, Conation, John Lee Spider, Cursed Earth, Budd, Abhorrent, Subsyde and more.

Members of D-NINE's past bands include: Big Tree, Blank, Snappahead, Antisocial, Staunch, Happa 69.

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