A Crushing 5 Piece Metal Band from the Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia Wide, QLD, Australia

It's no secret that America dominates the heavy metal/hardcore market, and while Australia has a strong scene for this, we're few and far between for bands that can compete with the overseas market (it's sad, but true). Gold Coasts Lynchmada are one Aussie band that's more than up to the task of carrying the Australian metal flag and waving it in the face of every big name metal band.

Combining the moody essence of Deftones, the sheer brutality of Lamb of God, and the off time influence from Will Haven in some places, these guys are well on their way to crushing skulls across the world, and they well and truly deserve it. Various line-up changes haven't stopped Lynchmada either. After a little downtime between releases, Joel and the boys are back and ready to stomp out anyone that stands in their way. With international supports under their belt and various east-coast tours over the past few years, they’ve ensured that people at least know their name.

Production by Lachlan Mitchell (Brace, The Amenta) has ensured that “The Mada” have a huge crisp sound for their debut full length, and a perfect follow up to their EP (The Biggest Disappointment is You) from a couple of years ago. If you like metal, and proclaim to support Australian artists, then buy this album and make sure the rest of the world knows that we’re more than up to the challenge of delivering quality metal bands. -Drum Media

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