Shanasheel Arabic Music Ensemble play classical and folk music from the Arabic Middle East providing a unique and authentic atmosphere. Orientale dance (belly dance) can also be included in the performance.

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Shanasheelare a unique ensemble within the Australian World Music scene, specialising in classical and folk repertoire from Iraq, Egypt, Syria and other regions of the Middle East. The members of Shanasheelhave played together for many years, in other ensembles and as part of the Australian Arabic Orchestra, and are united by their passion for music that reflects the depth and richness of Arabic musical traditions.


  • Tamara Taylor: Riq (Arabic tambourine), Frame Drum, Zills, Dance
  • Michael Taylor: Ney (flute), Oud (lute), Darbuka (drum)
  • Rob Derrick: Darbuka (drum), Frame Drum
  • Nawres Alfreh: Violin, Joze (spike fiddle)
  • Stephen Cuttriss: Accordion, Qanun (zither)
  • Chloe Ann Williamson: double bass

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