Crossover exudes excitement, versatility and professionalism, and deliver exactly what venue managers and booking agents have been seeking.

Cairns, QLD, Australia


A crossover is an audio effects unit used to control the quality of sound output and is a vital tool in accommodating the requirements of the various genres of modern music.

The band Crossover was established in Cairns Australia in 2003 and chose this name as it best describes the diversity of their performances. They have received rave reviews from all quarters, from audiences to venue managers and everything in between.

The individual members of Crossover have played in various other lineups prior to the formation of the band, and they came together with the common belief that Cairns was missing a "grass roots live excitement" band. Crossover provides this missing element and they have been a big hit with everyone who has experienced their energetic act.

Crossover exudes excitement, versatility and professionalism, and deliver exactly what venue managers and booking agents have been seeking.

The Boyz


Steve has played the Cairns scene with various pub rock classics such as "the Rock Hoppers", "Zookeepers"and "Flashback". Recent acts include the duo "Temptuios" with Margaretta Perez.

Steve is well known for his covers of CCR among others and is famous for his intimate relationship with his guitar to which he loves to simulate on stage. Watch out for big guitar solos.


"Johnny Rocker" has been a stalwart of the Cairns music scene for so long that even he can't remember. He fondly recalls the early days of playing at the old Central Hotel with the likes of Ian "Jonno" Johnson and has since played with so many local heroes that he is commonly known as "Didn't you play with.......?"

This guy goes off to anything, we're sure he has a guitar on a rope in his shower.


Originally a keyboard player, Dan's tranition to drums had him soon discovering why he always kept tapping on things while the other guys just thought he was nervous.

Previously a founding member of Cairns soul/R&B band "The Soulutions" and stints including the duo "Spin", bands "Funky Fish and "Flashback" he is still regularly asked if he knows the guy who used to play keyboard. What The?


To sum up a particular style or influence of Crossover is impossible.

Due to the various tastes and preferences of the boys, we are unable to label our particular style as it varies from song to song and from venue to venue depending on punter and booking demand.

As an example we are able to go from reggae to good ol’ rock’n’roll to hard rock and even a bit of country rock if required.

We believe that we should not limit ourselves to a particular style as it can get monotonous to the audience and us alike.

By selecting the best songs from all the greatest and playing each one as our favourite, we will keep you wondering what will happen next. We have discovered this recipe though our extensive experience to which leaves nobody disappointed.

We endeavor to play songs that other bands don’t usually play while still keeping within the “favorites” format. Crossover will take you on a journey of all the songs you forgot you loved while still blending in some of the modern favorites. With over 100 songs, here is a sample of some of the most popular.

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