Rockin' originals band with amazing guitar duo!!!

Hope Valley, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Mirrors of Condition have been performing around Adelaide over the last two years. Starting with amazing last round feedback from Rob Pippan and Rob Riley. Thye have played several pubs in Adelaide, and can adapt and shrink for an acoustic setting.

Formed early 2005 by bass player Matt Gruhl, guitarist Cameron Blokland, singer Matt Styling and drummer Daniel McMahon in the sleepy northern suburbs of Adelaide; the result of a random jam session on a camp. After loosing singer Matt and drummer Daniel to heavy workloads, Cameron took on lead vocals and the two remaining members began the grueling process of finding another drummer to fit the mould. During this time they continued writing and settled on a name "Mr Impossible" (after writing a song of the same name).
One cold July evening, despirate to find a drummer, Matt and Cam spontaniously decided to jam with Cam's long time friend Ben Woodrow... and the rest is history. It was not long before they brought in the talented Sam Leske on lead guitar. With gigs pending, the boys quickly got to work building their repetoir. The band became a reality, and it was decided a new name would be a great idea. "MIRRORS OF CONDITION" became a label, as well as a vision, for the band. "MOC" continue to write, record and perform. They receive great feedback from audiences, with their catchy riffs, flashy solos and exciting vibe.
Have greatfully received much positive feedback from the likes of Rob Riley (Rose Tattoo), Rob Pippen (Zepp Boys), (more added soon! plenty of old rockers and guitar heros!) A 6-track EP "Come on Over" is available. THE LATEST SAGA: Since a 12 month hiatus and a new drummer extroardinaire, Matt Crago, we are about to do some new recordings with new material. CHECK IT Just ask at a gig. So go check out "MIRRORS OF CONDITION" coming to a venue near you! CHEERS!!!!

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