A red hot Ska/Punk Band.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Formed in 1998 as Learn To Dance, the band made an auspicious start, recording a three-track demo tape two weeks after the band formed. The band originally featured Mad 64 on vocals, Roger, a former member of No Idea on guitar, Sal Marland from Volition on bass and vocals, Myra McGuiness on trumpet, Jan Bronkhorst & Clare Hourigan from Hissyfit on trumpet and saxophone, and Andrew Ballingal on drums. This demo appeared on Australian ska/punk compilation 'Punk O'Clock' (Care Factor? Zero Rekordz) and gained the band radio exposure on RRR, and a number of gigs throughout Melbourne, including shows at the Tote with well-known ska band Area-7.

In early 1999 they changed their lineup, first losing a guitarist. Tina Tang was added to the band on guitar, and they played the Dandenong Battle Of The Bands final, unfortunately coming second because according to the judges "young people don't like a band with a horn section". The band then added trombone virtuoso Dave Gilmour to the lineup after losing one of the two trumpets and a saxophone, and changed their name to Addiction 64. After this radical change, the band recorded six new tunes for a demo, and toured to Portland in Western Victoria to play gigs with H-Block 101, Vial8 and local Portland ska act Oscar.

In October of 1999, the band decided a lead guitarist was needed to complete the sound, and Jaymz Sixtyfour was recruited from now defunct emo/punk band Manic Depressives. In November, the band were featured in the infamous Pathetically Dedicated To Youth Rock Festival in Noble Park, and the follow-up compilation to 'Punk O'Clock' entitled 'This Is Punk O'Clock Too' (Care Factor? Zero Rekordz) The compilation had CD launches, and with the band being in such heavy demand, Addiction 64 played to packed houses at the Corner Hotel in Richmond and the Grand Hotel in Mornington.

In December the band toured for the first time to Sydney to take part in the CD launches in Redfern, Newtown and Kiama. 1999 also saw the band play the East Timor benefit concert (Skamageddon) at the Esplanade Hotel, the Ska Bar at the Arthouse Hotel several times, and many overage gigs at venues such as the Punter's Club and the Tote.

However, January 2000 saw the band take an extended break as the result of more shakeups in the lineup. Bassist Sal Marland left the band to continue her work with Volition, and trumpeter Myra McGuiness relocated to Bendigo due to work commitments. The band auditioned a very keen bass player with a feel for rhythm and a very fitting Addiction 64-like personality named Andrew Patton. The rest of the band knew immediately that he was the one needed to strengthen their lineup so, after a one-month break, Addiction 64 returned to the all-age stage to play Mayhem2K, supporting fellow pop-punkers Bodyjar (likened to Blink 182 and Green Day), and hardcore punk bands 28 Days (whose new single 'Sucker' is rapidly climbing the ARIA charts), Another Race (previously Biscuit, played at Rockin' The East '99 and Push On 2000), and the sadly now defunct Nana-Zhami (who featured John Farnham's son Robert on guitarand vocals). In March 2000, the band took to the road once again in support of US punkbands The Bouncing Souls, and Diesel Boy.

This tour took them once again to Sydney, where they played the H2Whooooo! Festival, supporting bands such as Mach Pelican, the Porkers, and No Idea. When they got back from the tour, there were more gigs waiting for them, including the EPlaunch from Melbourne ska/punk band Commissioner Gordon, and the CDlaunches for 'File Under Ska 2' the second Victorian ska compilation(Groundrush Records). In April 2000, after a solid two months of touring, Addiction 64 took another month-long break to write some new songs, and rehearse for their upcoming CD, which is as yet untitled.

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