The Zeds Duo are Michael Gant and Joey Bishop, two of the most experienced musicians on the Sunshine Coast.
Let “The ZED’S” make your next party/function a success.

Sandstone Point, Sandstone Point, QLD, Australia

If you are up for a good time the Zeds will entertain your venue, party, wedding, or any event which needs that special "Entertainment" value.

The Zeds

     Look, up in the sky. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's 'The Zed’s.'!!Faster than a speeding  gelati van on a 40deg. day, More powerful than 2 dozen Doner Kebabs at a single sitting (Garlic and chili sauce optional) and able to leap tall leggo blocks without the aid of steroids.
Yes, it's 'The Zed’s.', and who disguised as Michael Gant and Joe E Bishop fight an ever ending battle for Pizza, wine, and Great MUSIC!. By now you're wondering what's this all about? No, they won’t put you to sleep (Zzzz’s)as the name might suggest, but instead you'll be treated to a night of musical extravaganza by these two talented and energetic entertainers.   
Both Michael & Joey met up in 2006 at an unrehearsed gig that just clicked. Their music & harmonies blended perfectly together and it was inevitable…….. “The Zeds” were formed.Their popularity among the patrons at the venues have given them repeat bookings and a CD will be released shortly due to the overwhelming demand. Music plays a huge part in Joey and Michael's lives and what a bonus to be best mates as well………(No wonder they have so much fun and sound so good!)  Now……..
a little history on: Mike
Michael Gant (Vocalist/Guitarist/Harmonica)………..
Has been performing on the club circuit for nearly 17 years. Made his mark in the country music scene, releasing the album “Under The Southern Cross” in the early 90’s, receiving high rotational airplay on country music station 4BC. Although not predominantly a country singer, his love for music crosses all boundaries, from Rock to ballads and everything else in between. A versatile vocalist with a huge repertoire. 
A little history on: Joey 
Joe E. Bishop (Vocalist/Guitarist/Comedian), has been performing and entertaining the Brisbane circuit now for the past 15 years. Originally from Melbourne, he had formed a number of popular cover bands and their success has led him to be a much sort after musician. Joe is a professional entertainer and loves to get the audience involved. With a huge repertoire of songs (over 1000), you can be sure he'll probably know your favorite requests. And if he doesn't he'll buy you a drink and learn it for the next time he works at that venue. His repertoire covers everything from Frank Sinatra to current covers. That's 60 years of the classics: sing along, swing, rock, country, soul, disco, latin and salsa.

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