If Kate Bush had balls she might sound like this. With wholesome sassiness and musicality reminiscent of Doris Day merged with Rickie Lee Jones, Linda delivers melodic, eclectic 'quirk-pop'. Spacious, groovy and organic.

Sydney metropolitan, Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Ugly is the new beautiful.
Bad is the new good.
Black is the new white and so on...

If you want teenage pout, gangster angst or beefy punk, go somewhere else.  But if you're looking for intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, music with a sense of space, lush vocals and instrumentation that is unusual but groovy, then this is probably up your musical alley. 

But that alley would not be dark and forboding.  It's the sort of alley you may find traces of  Doris Day, Dusty Springfield, the Andrew Sisters and Ella Fitzgerald.  It's a place  Rickie Lee Jones and  Tori Amos might meet for a drink and have a jam.  It would have lots of colour and funky little chairs and cafe tables.  And you could sit in that alley for hours listening or chatting, or reading a book.  In fact, make yourself at home!

Linda’s 'left-of-centre' pop style songs mix hip-hop, blues and jazz with very groovy music, great story-telling and a hint of characterisation.  And a contemporary cabaret style performance, the product of her background in musical theatre as well as rock, soul and pop covers bands, has inspired such descriptions as  “silk to the eyes, ears and throat… the audience love her as she is warm, friendly and vocally wholesome …. A complete package.” (Iain McGuire, Artistic Director of Mad Cow Theatre Company)

Based in Sydney, Australia, in the last few years Linda has performed under her own name as well as moonlighting with a group called “The Bettys” performing covers for parties and corporate functions.  As part of the “Santa Bettys”, a Christmas incarnation of the group, Linda has performed on ABC statewide radio in Australia, singing an inventive a Capella rendition of Ray Charles’ arrangement of Jingle Bells.

Linda Wood has also lent her musical and theatrical talents in recent years to “Leader of the Pack” (Central Coast production), “Downtown” (a musical tribute to the 60s pop scene in Britain) “Straight Up Rogue” (a jazz revue) and “Back to the 80s”. 

In September 2006 Linda worked in New York directing the vocals for “Angels” (see or, a workshop production staged at the Duke Theatre on 42nd Street at Time Square*.  Linda played a supporting character role for the recording of this production in Sydney (July 2006) as well as writing most of the vocal arrangements and conducting the studio ensemble.

In 2008 Linda has been promoting her album “Duel” throughout southwest UK.

Can do solo with tracks or various band combinations.

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