singer, song writer, guitarist

Woodside, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Have played in numerous bands over 25 years as rythm-lead guitarist and lead vocalist. I have recorded 7 albums of 'original' material which has been recognised as GOOD by Garth Porter, Joe Camilleri, Ross Ryan. Garth and I spent 5 days writing together in his studio in Sydney and he is very keen to record my originals but I havn't been able to get the funds to follow it through.

My original albums have received airplay on numerous SA radio stations in recent years. Moved to a new area 2 years ago and haven't managed to form a band so decided to go solo. My repetoire consists of easy listening songs mixed in with original material which go over favourably.

For 'live' performance I play an Ibanez semi-acoustic guitar and use a Yamaha EMX 860 st PA. I communicate well with the audience and give away cds in a guessing game of ,who recorded the song originally, It gets people really thinking and interested.

Happy to play in rural venues.

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