The fabba show is both entertaining visually & musically

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Not just another tribute show!

The fabba show is both entertaining visually & musically.

We take the music and songs that Abba made famous, add some entertaining dialogue and cheeky audience involvement, dress it up 70's style with amazing costume changes, lace up our platform boots & take you on a musical journey where even the Priscilla bus hasn't been!

What you can get at a Fabba show:

  • A 6-piece live band
  • 2 gorgeous dancers and/or a comedy MC
  • Spectacular costumes - & heaps of them
  • Swedish accents
  • Audience participation & give-aways
  • A hilarious script as well as plenty of improvisation
  • Professional fulltime musicians & performers
  • All the hits songs, plus some of the forgotten ones
  • Plenty of flirting . well they are Swedish!

 The Fabba Show ... a celebration of a time when life was much simpler & the music made you smile.

When you write about ABBA, it’s easy to get lost among incredibly huge numbers. In terms of record sales, they are second only to Elvis and The Beatles. However, ABBA themselves were never concerned about the numbers, reportedly turning down $1 billion for a reunion tour.
Bjorn has said, ‘Better go see that ABBA cover band. It’s the closest you’re going to get to the real thing. We will never appear on stage again...we would like people to remember us as we were – young, exuberant, full of energy and ambition.’

In 1996, Anthea Johnson was approached to play Frida in an ABBA tribute show. Due to her musical theatre background, Anthea was frustrated by the fact it was more of an ABBA band rather than show. The other girl (cast as Agnetha) felt the same way, and so when Anthea suggested they do it as just the two girls from ABBA, the FABBA story began.
While there were other ABBA tribute shows in Australia, at the time no one was doing just the two girls. FABBA (as a duo) went on to work extensively in clubs, corporate events, private functions and various cruise ships. In 1999 the two girls decided it was time for a break and an opportunity to look at other career options.
There were so many requests for FABBA to reform, that Anthea felt compelled to resurrect the show, but this time she wanted to do it as a full band.
The audition process began to find musicians who could sing and perform. Eventually the band was cast and the rehearsal process started.
FABBA, the show, was formed. The FABBA show is truly like a family now. The energy, fun and enthusiasm you witness on stage are genuine. All the band members of FABBA were childless when they started in 2000, but as of 2008 there are six FABBA children between them. The future FABBA perhaps? The members of FABBA love what they do and are passionate about putting on the best show they can wherever they are and whoever the audience is.
FABBA would like to thank ABBA for the opportunity to play great music, wear outrageous costumes & pretend to be Swedish gods most weekends – there is seriously so many harder ways to make a living. In fact FABBA would especially like to thank ABBA for never doing that reunion tour!
Ask Bjorn what he thinks of ABBA tribute groups like Björn Again and FABBA and he laughs “I haven’t seen them perform, I have heard them speak in a kind of Scandanavian accent which is amusing! But as tribute bands I don’t think they are taking the mickey out of ABBA at all – they are really quite reverential. I’m flattered by them”
Tim Johnson: Bjorn
Tim’s musical background started back in highschool with a band that won numerous competitions including the prestigious, Battle Of The Bands. He has worked in various original bands including ‘Change Of Heart’ and ‘Glow’ He has also played in a variety of covers & tribute shows including ‘Explosive Hits’, ‘The Doors Show’, The Pearl Jam Show’ ‘Vibeology’ & ‘Audio Adrenaline’ Along the way he has supported a variety of artists, most recently the successful LA act ‘Frank & Barbra’ on their Australian tour. Tim, like Bjorn, is a frustrated rock god stuck in the 80’s! P.S He actually likes wearing lycra!
Danny McCabe: Benny
In 1987 at the age of 17 Danny won the young jazz musician of the year award. That same year he was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he studied both piano and trumpet concurrently. Since graduating, his professional experience has included playing at a number of Jazz Festivals including the Manly Jazz Festival, The Newcastle Jazz Festival, The Kiama Jazz Festival, Jakarta Jazz Festival to name a few. Since 1990 Danny has been a professional pianist. He was a member of the highly successful band “The Allniters”, Saturday Night Live, Everyday People, The Honkys (Miguel Ayesa ), The Flyers and The Doors Show. But the members of FABBA are most impressed by the fact that as child he was a regular guest performer on Young Talent Time. Like Benny, Danny is a musical perfectionist and prefers the playing to the performing. He loves playing his organ!
Anthea Johnson: Frida
Anthea Johnson has worked as an actor & singer in all areas of the entertainment industry including film, television, stage and musical theatre. After studying at the Ensemble Studios, Anthea has featured in TV shows such as “Flat Chat”, “GP” & “Just Kidding”. She was also a regular performer at Belvoir Street in ‘Theatresports’ Her personal career highlight was the lead role of Gypsy Rose Lee in “Gypsy” at the Seymour Centre. Anthea also operates a very successful production company, Anthea J Productions & specializes in producing & sourcing entertainment for many corporate clients. Anthea has much in common with Frida – she too had a bad perm in the 80’s!
Robyn Larymore: Agnetha
Robyn Larymore has always loved to sing – in fact don’t go to a karaoke venue with her because you’ll never get a turn! Robyn’s career has been predominantly musical theatre & cabaret. She has appeared in several musical theatre productions including leads in Les Miserables & Chess. She was also a member the successful girl group tribute “BEEHIVE OR ELSE” who worked extensively in the cabaret and corporate scene for many years. Robyn was the perfect choice for Agnetha – she is a natural blonde and has a great backside!
Michael Armiger: Olaf Pearson
Bass Player Michael Armiger came from a large musical family. All his six siblings play musical instruments and his parents were keen participants in musical theatre. Michael and two of his brothers left home and formed a band called 10,000 Guitars. They moved to Melbourne and played the indy rock scene in the early 80’s. Their clothes were odd and their music, interesting. But no one else liked them and they broke up. Soon after Michael started playing with the Paul Kelly Band. Then they broke up. He moved to Sydney, played with several other indy rock bands such as The Johnnys, The Go-Betweens, Cleopatra Wong, & Altas Strings all of whom, broke up. Michael believes that since Abba have already broken up the longevity of Fabba is assured.
Logan McCrory: Hans Over
Logan is originally from New Zealand, where he started making a living as a musician from the age of 17. He worked with the 6 -piece orchestra onboard P&O FAIRSTAR for 3 years and was the youngest ever band leader at the tender age of 21. After leaving the seas and settling in Sydney he co-ran the award winning show group, “HOKIO” for 5 years. During this time the band were chosen as backing band for GLEN SHORROCK (LRB) and did functions for the Sydney 2000 Olympics alongside John Farnham and Men at work He also backed Jon Stevens who gave turned and gave him a ‘thumbs up’ & said “Great drums man!” Logan is the MD for FABBA & has to constantly deal with Diva tantrums (mainly from Benny & Bjorn)

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