Dave Kirwan is a TV host, radio announcer and voice over artist.

New York, International, OTH, United States

Dave Kirwan has appeared across every free-to-air network in Australia as a reporter on snow, surf and weather conditions over the past 7 years. He is also one of Australia's leading voice over artists. Voicing campaigns for McDonalds, Ebay and Optus. He has also been the promo voice for MTV, The Edge 96.1 Sydney, Nickelodeon and the Nine Networks childrens promos.

As a radio announcer Dave Kirwan has hosted a nationally broadcast show and is now the only Australian on-air in New York City. He is currently on-air at legendary radio station 92.3 K-ROCK, fhe former home of Howard Stern and owned by media giant CBS. 

Adding to his television credentials, he is now reporting for media giant NBC. Filing reports from various locations across the USA for the networks' new weather venture NBC Weather Plus. NBC Weather Plus is a digital channel broadcasting nationally.

He is also a reporter for the web presence of satirical newspaper 'The Onion'.


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