Yianni Zinonos, TV presenter, personality, celebrity chef, host, fashion designer

Kingsford, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Yianni Zinonos  - TV personality, celebrity

Yianni Zinonos is "The King of Community Television". Yianni is known around the country for his entertaining cooking and lifestyle show "Yianni's City Life" In production since 2006, and broadcast in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. His show has built up a massive audience of followers with his casual witty informal chat style. His start in the business was humble, having worked as an extra for several years on many tv series.

Yianni Zinonos  is the producer and presenter of a very successful TV program Yianni's City Life made in Sydney since 2006, and also broadcast in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. The show is a combination of  cooking, lifestyle, artists, entertainers, community organizations, charities, and events.

A true foodie, Yianni is famous for cooking up a storm of healthy, creative, delicious, simple recipes. He has a huge knowledge of food. His Greek hospitality has resonated in the homes of millions of  Australians now for over 5 years. Funny, chatty, quirky, entertaining, yet his informal interviews can be very insightful. All his guests open their hearts about who they are as they cook in the kitchen.

Not just a personality, Yianni is the head the the program, in the background organizing guests, creating recipes, sourcing events. He thrives in the diversity, between  commerce or community. Having dealt with several sponsors like supermarket chains or smaller specialty food suppliers, he has also done product placement with several  Global brands like Tefal, Wiltshire, local Bessemer.

Yianni is grass roots, he started 11 years ago working as an extra for fun, for several years  appearing on All Saints, Home And Away, plus many TV commercials, movies etc. He then studied acting, followed by a digital media film making course. While doing all this he got involved in 2001 with Redfern local community  TV, immediately being allowed to produce / present his own weekly segment. This was a massive opportunity to get experience, exposure, but also to be involved with the community social enterprise area.

Week in week out Yianni developed his style, skills, and substance, cutting his teeth on community TV. In 2005, when The University of Western Sydney took the license of Channel 31, Yianni was selected as future producer/ personality/ face of the TV station. He was offered a 3 year contract to create his own  program. His first series was a Greek cooking called "Greek Style" a cooking show made in his own home the format was Yianni cooking 3 recipes each show while chatting about life with an interesting person.
This was way back in 2006. The show was a massive success. Viewers loved the  warmth, of a real person in his home, cooking with true people. The series was then picked up on prime time slots in Melbourne’s CH 31, then followed by 3 other states. His Second series, became "Yianni's City Life"  up till now series 10 changed format  a few times. Yianni having originally worked in fashion all his life, started covering Fashion Week, then  his show became a lifestyle format of food, fashion, artists, entertainers, community organizations ,charities, and recently covering a variety of cultural events.

In 2008, Yianni was selected to be on the programming advisory committee of TVS. (Television Sydney) where his is involved with the development of the tv station.

Yianni prides himself on not being some false identity created  overnight by some production or PR company, he has maintained his editorial independence, this is where his true credibility lies, through years of commitment, experience, and exposure.

With limited resources, Yianni is used to working quickly, thinking on his feet. There are no rehearsals, he loves the challenge of ad lib, vox popping, off the cuff. He works well with either individuals, or groups of people, making them feel instantly comfortable yet engaging. An experienced Toast Masters public speaker he is confident because the public gladly give him their attention, while he speaks.

Recently  community tv went  digital, as part of the "Free View" network. Yianni has reaped the rewards of going mainstream. Openly gay, he has a strong following not just in the Gay community, but also strong ties with the ethnic market as well. Referring himself as "Not too old, not too young, not too dark, not too white"

His appeal is as diverse as his life experiences.

He has worked mainly in the fashion industry, as a freelance designer and patternmaker, helping designers produce and develop their collections. In the past he had his own fashion label, A retail shop, where he designed,  manufactured and wholesaled his clothing line.

He has also been an owner builder in the property market, done lots of home renovations.
In 2008 Yianni ran as a political candidate in the local government elections for the Liberal Party
representing his local ward for Randwick Council.
In the  1990's he went through a spiritual phase, being part of a psychic circle, he then worked par time for several years as a Tarot reader, then became an entertainer doing corporate functions dressed as a genie called "I dream of Yianni".

Its this diversity that has made Yianni the person he is.

 Yianni is available to be  involved with TV, media, events, promotions, community organizations/ charities, and anything to do with culture.

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