Acrobatic Ninjas aged 10 to 16 years old, performing amazing flips, somersaults and partner balances to music.

Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Next Gen Dream Acro Ninjas are a group up to 12 performers  aged 10 to 16 years old who will wow you with there Ninja themed tumbling skills.

They will perform multiple back flips, somersaults and partner balances and tricks at your events. Their routine can be performed on grass or a hard surface (mats can be provided). They are based in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and just love to perform and love to tumble. Upside down is their preferred state!

Next Gen Dream Acro Ninjas are available for community events, birthdays, Bah Mitsvahs, Corporate events, festivals, charity events and more.

Our performers are made up of a mix of dancers and cheerleaders who have won State and National Hip Hop and cheer championships.

Our performers are regularly seen performing at community events, charity events and shopping centres. If 14 Acro Ninjas is too large for your event we can provide a smaller group.

Our group consitst of:

Tahlia (Flea) aged 10 - our performing flea and part of the 2013 National Youth Hip Hop Championship Team & 2014 State Hip Hop Championship team.

Kirsti 12, TK 12, Ilana 12, Baillee 12, Chloe 13, Maddi 13 who were all National Hip Hop Champions in 2013 & State Champions in 2014.

Emilly aged 13 and Katrina aged 16 who is part of the 2013 Junior Hip Hop State Championship team..

Summer aged 12 and Alicia aged 12 and Chantelle aged 15 who are all cheerleaders.

The group combined bring a dynamic energy to any event and the audiences always ooh and aaah!


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