Hanging from a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, Tess' aerial hoop act combines beautiful lines and fluid movements with dynamic drops and up-tempo music. An elegant and entertaining addition to any event.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Le Jazz Hoop is a stage act performed on an Aerial Hoop/ Lyre suspended from the ceiling.

Tess sets herself apart from other aerial acts by combining the fluid, graceful movements often seen on this apparatus with up tempo jazz music and dynamic drops. The overall effect is a cute, fun act which simultaniously demonstrates her technique and flexibility and gets the audience tapping their feet.

Tess has trained in ballet and contemporary dance since a young age including performing with Melbourne Dance Theatre and Lyrebird Dance Theatre. Her background in ballet gives Tess' performance on the Aerial Hoop a polished and elegant finish.

This is a 5min stage act suitable for corporate and community events as well as private functions and clubs.

A freestyle installation act can also be arranged.

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