Zebastian Hunter performs an array of Aerial acts on Cloudswing, Straps, Duo Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Swinging Silk, Tissue, Rope and Hoop.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Zebastian Hunter trained at the prestigious National Circus of Montreal. Cloudswing- This act is explosive, energetic and dangerous. For over 10 years Zebastian has been training and performing his cloudswing act which includes twists, somersaults and other unique movements. A spectacular display of Aerial acrobatics. Straps- Strength and Flexibility combine in this aerial straps act. A soft and solemn, sometimes touching piece of artistry.

Zebastian rolls, drops and weaves his way through two thin pieces of fabric. Contortion- Zebastian's act combines a mix dance, acrobatics and extreme flexibility. Zebastian twists, turns and dislocates his body in a fluid display of movement.

Duo Trapeze- “It Takes Two” is inspired by the sensuality, dynamism and passion of Tango. A playful game between the masculine and feminine characters, Zebastian and partner negotiate a subtle dance on the trapeze. Elegant poses, smooth transitions and risky releases make this into a powerful and impressive performance.

Lyra/Tissue/Static Trapeze/Rope- Zebastian performs 4 other acts which are available for performances.

Any acts can be altered for a specific theme or venue.

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