An exotically beautiful dancer who performs her own unique blend of ancient belly dance artistry with contemporary sounds. Be mesmerized!

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Are you looking for unique entertainment that's memorable and exotic? Are you planning a themed event that needs some extra dazzle? Think you've seen it all? 

With over 8 years of bellydance experience, Kalikah has developed her own unique take on an emerging contemporary style of bellydance fusion, commonly known as 'Tribal Fusion'. Tribal Fusion is currently used to describe any belly dance form that incorporates edgy, dark, or avant garde themes, the use of solo or group performances, either choreographed or improvised, utilizes world music, classical music or electronica, and involves the fusion of Tribal Style bellydance with any other kind of dance. 

Kalikah Jade is a nationally recognised contemporary belly dance artist. She is an energetic and sensual performer who fuses the earthy warmth of Classical Bellydance and the stunning elegance of Tribal Bellydance. Having trained extensively across many bellydance disciplines with both Australian and international artists, Kalikah has developed an exotically hypnotic style which reflects the grace and artistry of Classical technique and the mysteriously slinky movements of Tribal, adding her decidedly dark flavour - an eclectic twist leaving her audience delightfully intrigued and entertained. 

Her performance speciality includes elements such as sword balancing and manipulation (definitely a crowd pleaser), exotically mysterious veil dancing and the spectacular Wings of Isis. Her performance style can range from cheeky and playful to dark and brooding, with music styling varying from traditional Egyptian 'Classical' style music right through to contemporary industrial beats. The unlikely pairing of contemporary darker sounds with the sensual elegance and precise technique of fusion style bellydance makes her a unique and popular entertainment choice. 

Kalikah regularly attends workshops by local, interstate and international performers in varying styles to extend her technique and hone her skills.

Kalikah Jade is available to provide elegant, tasteful entertainment with a twist for a variety of functions including:

  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Special Events
  • Hen's Nights
  • Community Events

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