Exciting, Dynamic, Mesmerising, Seda Star s belly dance show will ensure your special occassion will leave a lasting impression. Also Seda Star Healing Spirit will give you the foundation for life.!!!

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Aims & Objectives:

Seda Star delivers ‘flexible’ programs, motivational seminars, workshops and performances that raise the awareness of important health issues using unique performance, dance, exercise and recreation as a medium to communicate messages to individuals. 

They promote a sense of well-being in a holistic way which enables spiritual and personal growth, healing, fitness, and happiness. All programs are delivered in a healthy, educational and therapeutic way to increase best learning outcomes in a controlled environment.

Seda imparts professional learning through practical learning tips relating to health and dance from beginners to professional teachers in the fitness, aerobic and dance industry. 

Seda’s overall service delivery allow clients to connect to her teaching and music in a more personal manner, allowing learning objectives to meet individual needs through the unique culture of exotic dance and fitness. Many clients over the years have commented on the advantages they have experienced through Seda’s teaching, DVD’s CD’s and book that host various dance concepts which is both unique, invigorating and easy to follow. (Nutritional information also included).



Seda Star,  is without doubt one of the finest performers we have in Australia.   Seda grew up in Turkey and started dancing professionally at the age of 13. The same year she won Turkey’s most prestigious belly dancing competition and was hailed Turkey’s top belly dancer. 

Her  family has been devoted to belly dancing for four generations.  Seda explains…“Dancing was for me the most natural thing…as far back as I could remember, there was always music going on in my home. My grandmother and her two sisters were all dancers, my mother was a singer. Now both my sister and I are  professional belly dancers. Dancing is a way to express happiness and friendship.”


Her entrance alone in amazing costumes is exciting and her dancing will leave your guests mesmerized.  Seda is passionate about her art and this shows in her performance.   Her mission..."to share the joy of belly dancing with the rest of the world and indulge in the experience!"

She has appeared regularly with Aerobics Oz Style on Channel 10 and has designed her own aerobic belly dance, presenting the Bellydance Fitness DVD with the Aerobics Oz Style team.  Aerobic Belly dance displays can also  be arranged.

Seda has performed at many high profile events including product launches, corporate awards nights and VIP functions.  She has been a regular performer at Star City, Royal Motor Yacht Club, Hilton Hotel, Channel 10, Enmore Theatre, Observatory Hotel, Le Montage and the Pontoon cruise.

Seda’s Exotic BellyDance Show is the first of its kind with exclusive dancers known in the industry from Channel 10 and the Aerobics Oz Style BellyDance Fitness DVD. This is truly a star quality production never seen before.

We are here to give you the best – we incorporate the modern with the ancient and bring you an authentic, entertaining, invigorating and exciting show.


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