Australia's Marilyn Monroe Event Entertainer

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Alia Milano as the

sassy Marilyn Monroe

The most outstanding entertainment for an ultimate event is here in Melbourne Australia .

 Alia Milano is now officially Australia's youngest, most stunning and talented Marilyn Monroe event entertainers of the century as she brilliantly recreates the most famous and idled blonde shell beauties of all time... right on time- every time!
Being recently featured as the sassy Marilyn Monroe on National TV for Yarra Trams and working as a host for Australia's Deal or No Deal Alia is guaranteed to be a stunning, charming and outstanding addition to any event! 
A fully equipped, no hassle Tribute Show that everyone can sing along to and thoroughly enjoy. Alia as Marilyn can also host to charm and surprise guests, or be an ultimate refresher to a long seminar.
With years of performance experience and a professional and sensitive touch Alia Milano will perform to accommodate to the special occasion to insure the audience will be pleasantly entertained or completely stunned with endless smiles and laughs every time!
Equipped with all the gear that is needed for the planned event Marilyn Monroe can perform popular classics chosen from a list of songs including 'Diamonds are a girls best friend', or 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' or even, 'Hey Big Spender', all accompanied by a sensational big band instrumental backing.

An ultimate addition to any event, 's favourite Marilyn Monroe will make it an event to remember every time!
 Alia Milano performs as Marilyn Monroe:
  • A special customized song for the birthday boy (arranged prior to the event in reference from family and friends)
  • Official Tribute Show involving a fun, passionate, unforgettable performance that everyone can enjoy and sing along to (11 popular jazz classics to choose from, accompanied by big band Jazz Instrumental CD)
  • Hosting and greeting guests at the door and mingling amongst guests for private functions and parties
  • Jumping out of the cake for the ultimate birthday surprise!  
  • Grooving with Elvis Presley for Vegas themed nights or special creative events
Involving Marilyn Monroe to your event is incredibly easy!
Marilyn comes fully equipped and ready to surprise your audience!
  • Marilyn comes with portable PA system, microphone and instrumental backing CD
  • Full traditional white dress costume (as featured on the 7th Year Itch)
  • Specially created song for occasion/birthday boy/special guest that is presented in a laminated version as a gift
Songs to choose from are:
  • Big Spender
  • Happy Birthday Mr. President
  • Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  • I Wonna be Loved by You
  • Bye Bye Baby
  • Little Rock
  • Heat Wave
  • Cry me a River
  • My Funny Valentine
  • Fever
(Songs (except Happy Birthday) are accompanied by big jazz band instrumental music on CD)

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