Fairy Poppilina is the 'Storytelling /Party Fun Fairy'. Using her "stories gone fun" unique approach she creates literary experiences that remain well after presentation of the story and/or fairytale. Fairy Poppilina's parties are, in a word: magical!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Fairy Poppilina, professional children's storyteller and "imagination expert", offers sensational storytelling sessions and fairytales shows as well as fairy parties that truly capture the essence of the fairy imaginative realm.
Fairy Poppilina is one of the finest storytellers in the land!  She has convened the Fairy Poppilina Super Story School on a fortnightly basis in a prominent bookshop, presented her Frog Prince fairytale show as part of the Fringe Festival 2013 and has performed in libraries, schools, playgroups and daycare centres.  Fairy Poppilina has a vast array of different stories and well known fairytales, whcih she presents usings interactive elements such as song, props and a range of voices as a means of taking the listener thoroughly into the depths of the story.  
"Dear Fairy Poppilina, I never used to believe in fairies and thanks to you, I do now!  You are truly a most incredible storyteller and I was in absolute awe watching your performance.  Thankyou ever so much for making the day so special for our kindergarten students.  We cannot wait to have you back at our school again".  Lina Crawford, Teacher

Are you ready to receive your fairy name, learn how Fairy Poppilina remains under the human spell, swim like a mermaid, make your wishes and sip a magical wish potion, have a fairy flying lesson, create a work of craft and settle in for some storytelling?  Fairy Poppilina's fairy parties certainly keep you on your tippy toes and allow you to experience fairy fun at its finest!  Fairy Poppilina's "kid-tested" activities ensure a fairylicious time is had by all human beans [including the grown up human beans].  She has been fairy partying for the past ten years tand has bedazzled many birthday princesses and their friends, to the point of repeat birthday parties and word of mouth referrals.  "Fairy Poppilina - thank you SO much.  You absolutely made Sophie's party so so special.  It was without a doubt the best and easiest party we have put on with so much thanks to you.  Sophie had such a lovely time and the memories of her 5th birthday she will have forever".  Emma, mother of Sophie.
Roving amongst the crowd, bestowing fairy names on human beans, facilitating fairy wishes and undertaking the fairy hokey pokey [with her pink ukelele] are just some of Fairy Poppilina's roving activities.  She also likes to turn herself upside down in headstand form to keep the human spell pulsating from nose to toes! 
Fairy Poppilina has also performed at Government House [QLD] where she was personally requested to return by Her Excellency Quentin Bryce.

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