Melbourne's favourite Teddy Bear in "The Teddy Bear's Picnic". Roving your event or performing his full musical show for toddlers.

Melbourne, Melbourne Wide, Geelong, Ballarat, Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia

Huggles the Teddy Bear wants to sing & dance & go on a “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. Who else wants to come? Then grab your teddy bears & let’s go!!!!

A character designed specifically for toddlers who are not quite old enough for storyline characters

  • First everyone will need to get their “Teddy Bear” (sung Elvis style);
  •  To get to the picnic we’ll need to march & hop & skip & jump & ride along to “The Bears Went Marching 1 by 1”;
  • Everyone will love playing their very own musical instrument at the "Teddy Bears Picnic";
  • When some of the teddy bears go missing it will be time for playing hide & seek in "We're Going on a Bear Hunt”;
  • When everyone gets tired then it's time for teddies to go to bed in “10 Bears in the Bed & the Little One Said Roll Over”;
  • Once the teddies are all in bed it will be time to sing them to sleep with a nursery rhyme mega-mix that everyone can sing & dance along to;
  • In the morning everyone wakes up to balloon animals being made during"Old McDonald Had A Farm";
  • Finally all the teddy bears get to meet Huggles very own pet (puppet) in the "My Pet Song".

He loves to march... & bounce... & clap & laugh & sing. Huggles the Teddy Bear loves most anything....

With bubbles, puppetry, lots of simple music, song & dance.

Huggles shows all the toddlers:

  • How to clap their hands;
  • How to shake their rattle & play other musical instruments for toddlers;
  • How to count;
  • What noises different animals make;
  • How to march along & dance about;
  • How to wave;
  • How to smile &...
  • How to have fun with music.
  •  Appropriate Age - Boys and Girls 0 - 4 y.o. (Great for 1st Birthday Parties!!)

A beautiful gentle performance for very small children including a balloon animal for each child.

This character includes 3 options

a.) A roving Huggles the Teddy Bear (bubble blowing & balloon sculpting if desired - shopping centres, family days, festivals, etc)

b.) a 45 minute fully interactive and scripted show put together entirely by qualified teachers

c.) a 60 minute format (at least) with a 45 minute show then balloons, lollypops & colouring activity for each child.


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