Witness the woder of the circus in miniature with Signor Pedigrosso's incredible Flea Circus

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Step right up and witness the wonder of the circus in miniature in Signor Pedigrosso's Good-Time Flea Circus, where some of the smallest creatures in the insect kingdom perform someone the most dangerous and death-defying acts in the world!

Gaze in awe as Fifi the Wonderflea dives from a high-dive tower into a cup of water!

Marvel at the Brutor the Stong Flea as he attempts to best an ant in a show of brute strength!

Witness Melville the Flea Cannonball as he soars high above the awe-struck audience!

All this and more can be seen only in Signor Pedigrosso's Good-Time Flea Circus!



Flea circuses were first advertised as early as 1833 in England, and were a main carnival attraction until 1930. Some flea circuses persisted in very small venues in the United States as late as the 1960s. The flea circus at Belle Vue amusement park was still operating in 1970.

Today the flea circus has largely become a lost art form, with much information about them being anecdotal or steeped in lore.

Signor Pedigrosso's Good-Time Flea Circus is currently the only flea circus currently operating in Australasia.


The circus itself is a suitcase which opens up to reveal a miniature circus in which the fleas perform. 

For smaller audiences (parlour settings, street shows, etc) the Flea Circus is set upon a small table. When  the suitcase opens, the show is ready to go. It has been performed in this way with great success for audiences of up to 200 people.  

For larger venues, we like to dress the stage a little with circus posters of the fleas and set up a screen onto which the action is projected live so that even the back row can see the action.  


Standard Performance: 25 minutes

Cabaret Version: 10 minutes

Feature-Length Version: 50 minutes

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