The hottest hoop group in town! High skill Circus hoops, Burlesque, Feather Fans and Swing Dancing are a few of the skills Hu-la-la offers.

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

It has been said “in a hoops revolution they can skip between innocently playful to naughtily burlesque, but always with a lot of Hu-La-La!” Hu-La-La Kira Carden, a bright star of Sydney Circus & Burlesque. She wiggles, she sizzles, this burlesque bombshell can spin a hoop on every part of her body, head to toe!

For the past six years Kira has been enthralling audiences throughout Australia with her mix of high-skilled circus hoops and Burlesque styling. With a background in theatre, she sets herself apart from other circus artists by transforming herself for every performance, creating a specific persona and mood for each of her many acts. Kira’s unique style of performance has been in high demand in the corporate entertainment, music festival & nightclub circuits.

Watch her spin over 40 hoops at once in the famous “Hula Slinky”, treat yourself to the excitement of a high-skill circus act wrapped up in the body of a 50’s Pin-up Girl. Solo, duo or trio acts are available as well as roving entertainment & ‘Hoola Schoola’. For something even more spectacular Feather fans, & Swing dancing can be incorporated into acts. Va-va-va-voom! Or as we like to say Hu-La-La!

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