Rolla Bolla is a heart stopping act of precision balance that is sure to impress and astonish even the most seasoned audience

Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

This “absolutely amazing” act will astound and entertain any audience, keeping them “on the edge of their seats” in nail-biting anticipation! Douglas’s act begins with a precarious tableau: a lone performer standing on a metre high table and in a blink of the eye he jumps onto a board teetering atop a rolling metal cylinder. With balance established, Doug proceeds to impress his audience with a series of increasingly difficult tricks: walking, kneeling, skipping rope and even jumping a clear 180 degrees on top of the small wobbling platform. Doug teases the crowd by brandishing additional boards: what will he do next? With flair, he tosses the boards to land in a neat, trembling stack beneath his feet, all the while skating from side to side upon the ever-moving cylinder.

To the audience’s amazement, Doug then proceeds to increase the danger level, stacking further cylinders below his feet. For his grand finale, he gracefully and easily rotates upon his stack, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the perilous spectacle before them. Douglas will happily adapt his act for corporate parties, festivals or private functions according to theme, atmosphere and client requirements.


Length The running time for this act ranges from 6 to 7 minutes.

Space Requirements This act requires a clear floor space of at least 4M x 4M in area, with a hard level surface. The minimum venue height for the full act (as listed) is 4 metres, however some edits can be made to the routine to fit smaller venues as needed.

The Performer I have been performing either in the ring, on the stage, for private parties and cooperate events for 20 years. I have trained with coaches from Russia, Mongolia, France, Argentina, Australia, and the USA. I have a wide variety of skills as well as characters that I perform. Some of the major shows that I has been fortunate enough to perform with are: Circus Smirkus (USA) Midnight Circus (USA) Circo Zoppe (USA) Circus Oz (AU) Throw Down (AU) I have also performed headline acts and roving entertainment for major events such as Melbourne Grand Prix Launch, Raise the Roof Charity Ball, National Scout Jamboree, National Australia Bank Christmas Party, Safeway grand openings, P&O Cruises, Venue openings, Awards Nights and countless private events in clubs and venues across the USA, Hong Kong, South Pacific and Australia.

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