As a multi-skilled performer Trickstar is able to impress audiences of all ages with silly antics and high level skills. Marvel at Trickstar’s balancing skills, plate spinning and gravity defying juggling.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Trickstar is a multi-skilled performer who is constantly challenging the laws of physics. Juggling, balance, comedy and magic will engulf you as Mr Trickstar performs his unique blend of entertainment.

Marvel at Mr Trickstar’s jaw-dropping trick cycling, plate-balancing, gravity-defying juggling and balance show featuring the amazing never-before-seen “who can ride it?” monkey bike!


30 minutes of danger, delirium and delight that will thrill, throw & enthrall, amaze, excite & enchant, as Mr Trickstar challenges nature, dares danger and ultimately denies  gravity through sheer skill, focus & determination in a tricksy treasure-trove of terrifying tour-de-force trumpery.


Bring a dust-pan & brush just in case!


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