"Ziggy", as he is known to the aristocracy, performs his closeup roving wonders using all the known tricks of his trade and garnishes them with the well bred aplomb of his Alpine heritage.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

The Count Von Dazzle was first created over 10 years ago and has since been seen appearing and disappearing around Australia . His royal command performances have been witnessed at such varied venues as The Adelaide Town Hall, Hyatt Regency, Convention Centres and Corporate cocktail gatherings. The Count will, upon request present a Cabaret Stage Show, during which he will give a display of Fencing - piercing the heart of a chosen card - and pass electrified white hot rods of glass through a volunteer's abdomen! All presented with a wry twist of humour. Whatever the Event, when Amusing Amazing Mystification is needed Count von Dazzle is happy to be at your service.

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