Nick Fury The Character of Characters. A uniquely entertaining and magical performer. Pick Nick for your special event

Sydney, NSW, Australia

NICK FURY AND HIS MANY CHARACTERS Nick Fury does Characters. All kinds of Characters with all kinds of crazy quirks and foibles. To order. He's great at all kinds of accents, possesses a strong and diverse physicality and is an expert improvisor with a great sense of fun. He does Russian Astronaughts, Medieval Jesters, Arab Carpet Salesman, German Scientists, Italian Waiters, Scoop Reporters, Gangsters, Monarch Pontiffs and Arctic Explorers. He can do Indian Mystics, Southern Preachers, Rabbis, Spacemen and Super Heros.

Anything Nick Fury is an excellent juggelr - one of Austrlia's best. Though he specialises in performing the sheer beauty of a 3 ball routine Nick can juggle almaost anything - hoops, rings, clubs, kitchen implements, childrens toys and much more. ALPHONSO DOMINGO aspires to be urbane, suave, sultured and sophisticated. But infact he is a klutz of the first order. A gangly buffoon and a fool, sometimes silent and sometimes spouting and outlandish continental accent. HE will juggle drink trays, materialise martini olives and sculpt charming animals from latex balloons. Alphonso Domingo is a great dancer, ice breaker and party starter. HE can animate a room full of people with his charming antics and boundless idiotic entusiasm.

ACE P. FRECKLE Nick Fury is the fabulous Ace P. Freckle, one of Sydney's most accpmlished and charming clowns. Ace P. freckle is a special guy. Brainy, good looking and talented, he's an outrageous show off, compulsive liar and incorrigable flirt. Ace P. Freckle does a wonderful stage show called Slip Slop Slapstick, consisting of expert juggling, magic, balloon sculpture, audience participation and anarchic crazy humour. Its fast paced, colourful and appeals to all ages - not just kids Ace also does great walk around performances at Festivals, Corporate Functions and Special Events.

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