Lil FX - Australia's own and first vocal sound effects comedian since 1980.

Wallendbeen, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, any city, NSW, Australia

Lil FX has completed several national tours and has worked alongside many big names in the Australian entertainment industry. Lil FX has appeared on ample TV shows, radio, special private and public events, and has helped raise a fortune for several charities such as camp quality. Lil FX is also the sole owner of the spectacular human carnival ride which is known in the industry to be the strongest closing routine ever performed live. This man is known in the show biz industry as Australia’s best vocal sound effects comedian. His sound effects range from Harley Davidson to cars, trains, planes and not to mention 400 to 500 other vocal sound effects.

 Lil FX has performed alongside
  • Vince Sorrenti,
  • Joe Avati,
  • George Smilovich,
  • Lucky Grills,
  • Ernie Dingo,
  • Rick Charter,
  • Andrew Denton,
  • Bob Downe,
  • Glenn Nickolas,
  • Johnny Garfield,
  • Brendan Mon-Tanna,
  • Nick Penn,
  • Steddy Eddy
and also as the support act for the
  • Jim Rose Circus,
  • Magic to the Max
  • Fargone Beauties.
In the words of Johnny Garfield, this guy is new age, his jokes are fresh, his sound effects are sensational and he is hilarious”.

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