ROD GREGORY - THE OLD FELLA, as seen on Australia's Got Talent. Rod Gregory is the funniest Retired Farmer working as a stand up comedian in Australia.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Rod Gregory - The Old Fella, as seen on Australia's Got Talent.

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Rod Gregory is the funniest Retired Farmer working as a stand up comedianin Australia. Rod is based at Maitland SA although new to the game has performed well over 100 gigs all over Australia this year.

The old fella has just returned from a run of breakout gigs in Sydney in which he absolutely blitzed the Sydney Comedy Store. Arguably Australia’s premier comedy venue –

Rod has organised small groups of comedians that are willing to travel to remote country areas (road trip Commedian style). Many of these gigs have been highly successful : Wirralla football club – population 46 – crowd 138, full house at Balaklava, Ceduna Oyster Feast and many more.

Great commedians that are willing to travel with Rod include Mickey D, Fiona O’Loughlin, Moataz, Anthony Lamond, Michael Klimzak, Stephen Copley, Mark Trenwith, Rich Neighbour and many more.

Rod works well with a group of commedians but also has the ability to work a crowd on his own.

“the old fella”loves to entertain and is enjoyed by all ages from all walks of life.

Maitland comedian Rod Gregory has tickled the funny bones of the Australia’s Got Talent judges and will appear on the show.

ROD THE Old Fella, said he had been flown to Melbourne several times to be interviewed by host Grant Denyer.

“The auditions were so intriguing because there were at least 500 people there and I didn’t think I had a hope in a hog’s head at getting through but thought it would be something to do,” Mr Gregory said.

“I quite liked them (judges) because I got three green lights and a standing ovation so there wasn’t too much not to like.

“I am old enough to be realistic about this and if I can get into the top 10 that mostly means I’m batting above my average.”

Mr Gregory said his jokes are based on the “old-fashioned, stand them up, knock them down” comedy, without any swearing.

So what makes Rod so Funny and makes you want to Book him for your event?

It seems as though everyone knows someone like Rod. Or has a Father Like ROD GREGORY, or has a Grandfather like THE OLD FELLA. And it is humour based on reality. Not smutty, maybe a bit naughty.

ROD GREGORY has a large following that range in ages from grandpas to young kids. The kids have a symbol of a Turtle for him on Facebook .

ROD GREGORY can be fun for your big event, whether it be a corporate conference, a Hotel, a club or even a wedding. Great fun and lots of laughs. Contact Entertain Oz, if yoiu would like to book ROD for your special event.

Be inspired by how THE OLD FELLA has started a new lease of life and will knock you off the chair laughing.

ROD says, he sometimes has kids walking past him and in a deep voice (as deep as they can for being little), they shout ou8t ‘VIAGRA’. Their parents laugh in the background. I don’t think that the kids understand what it means but they think its funny.

Some of the jokes are as old as he is (between 67 and 72 depending where you ask), but these are beautifully presented and acknowledged for what they are. The audience readily forgive these groaners as he tells his tales with a knowing naivety. There’s no doubt that he can construct a set with running themes, motifs, callbacks and some enviably tight cross-talk reported between him and the wife Mary, lovingly nicknamed ‘Turtle’.


He is a born storyteller – the longer anecdotes of farming life hold the audience in thrall and going against the prevailing habit of farmers, there’s no moaning or complaining. Each tale has a joie de vivre and positivity to it, and he has the ability to tell a vulgar story without coarseness. The show runs a bit short, around 40 minutes if you don’t include the support, but it’s just right, a happy little gem of a show, just right in the tea-time slot.


BOOK ROD GREGORY – THE OLD FELLA For your next big Event. Just leave the Cows at home.




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