is most well known as Australia's finest stand-up comedian. His cutting wit and clever delivery makes for rapid-fire entertainment

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Richard Stubbs is well known as one of Australia’s finest stand-up comedians. His cutting wit and clever delivery makes for rapid-fire entertainment, and his winning style makes him the most potent force in Australia’s live radio & television market.

For over 30 years Richard Stubbs has been successfully hosting corporate events.

His unique combination of intelligence, warmth and humour means he is able to add fun to your event.

With a radio career of over 30 years spanning both commercial and ABC (No 1 in any time slot he has worked) and a TV career that including 120 Tonite shows, Richard is able to get the best from an audience or interview.

Richard’s stand-up career began when he was a barman at Melbourne’s Last Laugh and it wasn’t long before he was ‘persuaded’ to try out his routine on stage.

His style of anecdotal comedy, based on real life experience proved an immediate winner. His ability to hold an audience enthralled with his sharp delivery and rapid fire ad-libs earned him a reputation as a top comedian.

Since then Richard has performed in every comedy room imaginable, including Edinburgh, London and Montreal – not to mention Australia!

His long success is also due to his professionalism and abilities as a communicator.

It’s these qualities that enable him to be flexible in his delivery to ensure your particular function is successful.

Richard can

·         MC

·         Provide a stand alone comedy spot

·         Interview and conduct Q & A events

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