Circus Ringmaster

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Boys and Girls of all ages! Roll up, Roll up for the most Spectacular and Amazing Ringmaster on Earth!  You'll Thrill as he grandly introduces your event and dignitaries!  You'll feel Chills as he describes Feats of Derring-do and Musical Magnificence from your featured performers.  You'll be Astounded at the way he keeps your event clicking along in a smooth and entertaining fashion, directing attention when and where it's needed.  You'll be Impressed by his flexibility in adjusting to any on the go changes and you'll be Entranced by his attention to every detail needed to help you create a memorable experience!

Charles Anthony's Ringmaster M.C. is in high demand for his ability to attract and keep an audiences' attention with his booming voice and dramatic flair, peppered with comedic flourishes.  As Ringmaster he writes and delivers material specific to each act, speaker and event in classic circus hyperbolic, larger than life style.  Meeting and Greeting, Intros and Segues, Directing Activities and Crowd Movement are all part and parcel of Your Ringmaster's duties and can be scripted or improvised as required.  From Awards Ceremonies to Family Fun Days, from Gala Dinners to Team-Building Events, from Festivals to Product Launches - Your Ringmaster will be essential to Your Event!

Charles Anthony is one of the most sought after performers in the corporate entertainment field in Australia and the U.S. He brings together his talents and experience as an actor, master of ceremonies, dancer, singer, mime, voiceover artist,physical comedian and writer to create memorable and exciting characters for each project.

Charles has performed as Master of Ceremonies for hundreds of corporate events throughout Australia and the U.S. during the past 17 years for such companies as American Airlines, Metcash, ING Direct, Xstrata, Henry Davis York, Microsoft, American Express, Star City Casino, Arnott’s, Smiths Snack Food Company, The Australian Olympic Committee Sydney 2000, Westpac Bank, IBM, Orange, Amway, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, Contiki, Telstra, AMP, Union Carbide, Mercantile Mutual, A.C. Nielson, The Australian Navy, Nestle, Schwarzkopf, Woolworths, The Cartoon Network and many others.

His experience as MC, stage manager, make-up artist, director, choreographer and stunt man adds to the diversity and professionalism he provides for each client’s particular needs. From fun to serious, subtle to surreal and every shade in between, Charles Anthony can help make your next event a resounding success!


"We were most impressed with Charles and the amount of preparation he put into the evening.
 He arrived well on time allowing sufficient time to go through any questions and to receive a briefing from us.
 Charles was most professional and I have received several comments from our guests on how good he was as an MC.  He looked great in his outfit too."  NGINA - Nursery and Garden Industry

"We have the following feedback to offer you about your performance as Ringmaster.

·   Your ability to retain specific information and incorporate this into your performance was noted

·   You took direction very well, and adapted your speech to suit the Client’s requests

·   Your performance style of the ‘Ringmaster’ was flexible  and you worked well with the other performers

·   You were very professional – arriving early, asked questions if you weren’t clear on something and        presented a polished performance

·   The Ringmaster role was a very important role in the success of our event, as the Ringmaster was responsible for linking different sections of our event and guiding our guests around the room.  

  Everyone thought you did a brilliant job at this.  Thank you Charles for all your effort!"


J.D. - Blackie

McDonald Communications Group

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