The Ultimate Brazilian Carnival Show

Live Drumming, Spectacular Samba Dancers.

Brisbane / Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Rio Carnival Samba Show! If you are looking for a Rio Carnival SHOW, you are on the right track! Afrobeat Brazilian Drums can help organize a Samba dance show with live drumming and bring the magic of Rio Carnival experience for you! This show is to perform in any kind of event, along with weddings, corporate events, birthdays, graduations, social gatherings, conventions, fairs, end of year party and all occasion type that has the goal of becoming memorable.With this energy and rhythm of the drumbeat nobody around stands still, everyone gets involved, dance, smile and have lots of fun. Bring your event to life with powerful drumming and Carnival Samba dancers parading with lots of charm and elegance! There are numerous possibilities for forming casting and duration, allowing the presentation to be strategically planned for each situation.

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