Truly unique and stunning and interactive act!!

Like a glass of champagne? Why not have it served to you from a beautiful model wear a dress made from champagne!?

Perth, WA, Australia

Salute! ??! Cheers! and ????! 

Celebrations begin with a glass of champagne! So why not have it served by our one-and-only, magnificent Champagne Dress Showgirl! 

The Champagne Dress roving act has been a huge hit with all our clients. Created in November of 2014, Excessive Productions offer this exclusive and unique act that transforms any event into instant runaway success! 

Available in Silver or Gold* this divine creation swans through your event impressing guests and onlookers all while serving a deliciously sparkling purpose! 

You'll be the toast of the town and your guests will be talking about your wonderful and striking Champagne Dress Showgirl for weeks! 

But really, a picture paints a thousand words, so just take a look at our photos and…Bottoms Up!

NOTE: This dress is now newly LED installed... you can enjoy this in any colour! It will light up and if you would like, changecolours.

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