Blurring the line between Dj and Producer "Dj A.N.G" is a definate must if you want a dj to keep the crowd moving

Cairns QLD - World Wide, Queensland, QLD, Australia

Let's face it - Almost every club DJ does the same old played out DJ stuff... Using the same effects and same techniques and playing the same song list over and over from club to club.

That's what sets DJ A.N.G on top of the rest, He brings to the decks Turntablist skill and Crowd knowledge. A.N.G believes that his sets should represent his personality and his style, So if you're at a club were A.N.G is spinning you better prepare for some sore feet.

A.N.G is also a producer working with some of the freshest talent around Australia/NZ & US working with artists such as Eran James, Keynote, Mark Monta'j, Hard Target, K.D Lok & more.

So for anyone looking for a DJ that does NOT play the same ol' played out tunes most DJ's play, but rather The Freshest, The Dopest, and Most Exclusive tracks. Make sure to book DJ A.N.G. for your next gig to get your club pumpin..

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