Professional multi-award winning breakdancers, trickers, acrobats and capoeiristas will be dressed in disguise as either undercover waiters, guests, cleaners, managers or party crashers to then mingle with your guests and then BOOM!

Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

 Breakdancing Waiters Undercover was born in the early 90s from the unique street team marketing concept which predominantly executed grand scale stunts and guerrilla marketing around the nation in a whole range of different characters and pranks all highly classified and that generated great media at the time associated with music, fashion, street dancing and urban lifestyle.

Today can provide our shows with local teams out of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast meaning that any extra expenses are cut down to the minimum for every client who books Breakdancing Waiters Undercover.

Guarantee to always have an all mixed multi-cultural team of individual performers who will collectively rock the house and blend in featuring the rich ethnic diversity from down under. Unless it is specifically requested by the client will never have any single handedly only All-Asian, All-Latino, All-African dance team for any performance at all whatsoever. Only a cool mix of all flavours.

Dressed fully undercover in disguise as if they were either waiters, guests, cleaners, managers or party crashers so to speak, the performers will act as if they are part of your function all the way. This character performance acting will have all your guests 100% fully convinced that it is a normal ordinary happy everyday special event. Then just like that at a certain given surprise moment POW and WOW everything changes and the party suddenly starts.

The professional multi-award winning breakdancers, trickers, acrobats and capoeiristas break out into a super surprise performance thus mesmerizing and shocking your guests with state of the art performers featuring a fusion of all street dance elements that exist in the world of dance.

The genres of the performance show are entirely up to you. These multi-award winning specialist artists and international dance champions can execute breakdancing, salsa, tricking, martial arts, freestyle, action stunts, acrobatics, capoeira, popping, beatboxing, hip hop, contemporary, modern choreography, Street Latin and old school classic dance moves. Your wish is our command and can tailor make to your taste and preferred flavours without restrictions.

Breakdancing Waiters Undercover is without a doubt the most popular request in demand from clients, fans and customers. However nowadays there are many other characters that can be portrayed like cleaners, guests, venue managers, general staff, managers or party crashers as such. So therefore the choice is completely yours and up to you to decide how you would like to spice it up and surprise your guests at your very own special event.

Professional multi-award winning breakdancers, trickers, acrobats and capoeiristas will be dressed in disguise as either undercover waiters, guests, cleaners, managers or party crashers to then mingle with your guests, when suddenly BOOM just like that fully break out into a memorable and spectacular performance surprising everybody at your special event. 



The respective multi-award winning team leaders are well educated, positively driven, speak English fluently, have a lot of charisma, manage the trigger, are amazing specialized performers, can actually act and are true masters of the game.

The respective master team leader is a professional entertainment producer and also a casting consultant for television, commercials, special events, brand campaigns and the corporate sector.

Emerging from a marketing and performance background, it was always the dream and vision to be able to create a fusion of multicultural talents producing modern works in the form of dance and choreography. That dream became reality in the early 90's down under when this concept was born and became an instant celebration. 

He also holds the position of licensed talent manager and registered performers representative for multicultural professional actors, award winning choreographers as well as both high quality and celebrity dancers. In the world of dance today, is a corporate entertainment provider and supplier for the global television, commercial and film industries while representing the hottest celebrity dancers in the country further expanding and pioneering their individual careers as high profile personalities constantly placing and keeping Australia on the map.

The master team leader is a firm believer of keeping innovation active in the artistic process, whether supplying artists, casting dancers or directing a product launch, he feels that it is equally important to both be in tune with the current trends from around the international stage but also to create your own style and niche in the market place in such way that you will inspire and motivate other impresarios always setting the standard.

All teams are now available from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast.

For a limited time only now also providing the guarantee to not just match but actually beat any written formal quote from any prospective competitor out there with the same calibre of high quality 7 stars entertainment. Please simply email us the formal written quote from anyone else straight to us and if such other group is legit, genuine and professional, such quote will be beaten as a guarantee.

Some past performances and clients

The team has performed at a number of large events and mainstream corporate product launches while also featured in various TV shows and commercials just to name a few:

  • Dancing With The Stars TV Show
  • Ninja Turtles film premiere
  • So You Think You Can Dance TV Show
  • GI Joe film premiere
  • Strictly Dancing TV Show
  • Sydney Festival First Night
  • Darling Harbour Fiesta
  • Adidas, Nike, Philips, Motorola, Coke, Pepsi, Calvin Klein and Xbox 360 product lanches
  • McDonalds, Toyota, Telstra, Schweppes, Cornetto, Fuji,  Virgin Mobile and KFC TV commercials
  • Plus a range of elite weddings, selective Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Diwali celebrations.


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