Surprise your unsuspecting guests with an exciting dance performance. We place dancers discreetly around the room dressed as waiters, guests or staff and then out of no where the show begins.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Flashmob Dancers

Surprise your unsuspecting guests with an amazing dance performance that is sure to shake up their night. We place dancers discreetly around the room dressed as waiters, guests or staff and then out of nowhere at the perfect time an exciting dance routine begins to shock and wow everyone in the room. Watch them gasp and chuckle as they realise it was right under their noses the whole time. Featuring talented professional dancers and acrobats this stunt gets an enormous applause every time and will be a very memorable part of any event.

Our shows are highly energetic and very entertaining. We use current modern popular songs to create a fun and funky performance with Jazz, Hip hop, Acrobatics and Break Dancing routines that are all created to lift the energy in the room, get everyone excited and the dance floor pumping. We can also design our show to meet any particular theme you want from 70’/80’s/90’s to movie themes and many more. We also take special requests for any songs you might really want to have in our set.

Our Flashmob shows can be interactive and if you like the dancers can get everyone up on the dance floor at the end of the performance and get everyone up on the dance floor and the party started. You can even be in it, often we have clients who wish to go even further with the surprise and jump in and perform for their guests. If it’s you wedding, birthday or party why not impress everyone with a few moves yourself. We will teach you a section of our routine and make sure that you look incredible so that your guests will be blow away when you join in become part of the show. You can even get your friends, family or bridal party involved.

In the past this Flashmob have performed for:

    Bat Mitzvahs
    Porsche’s 911 sports car launch

What You Get:

A highly energetic and entertaining dance performance featuring professional Jazz, Hip hop and Break Dancers performing to a professionally edited mash up of songs. Amazing choreography and acrobatic tricks. Dancers can also grab guests up onto the dance floor at the conclusion of the performance and help to get the party started.

Music: Current popular songs (feel free to make requests) or a mash up of music to suit whatever theme suits your event eg. a movie, decade, wedding theme etc.

Costumes: Most common outfits for the dancers to wear are waiters, staff uniforms or guest attire. Let us know what will be suit your event best so ensure that dancers remain discreet before the performance starts.

Running Time: 10-15 minutes plus audience interaction if required.

No. of Professional Dancers Required: For Smaller events such as weddings and birthday parties we recommend 6-8 dancers for larger events such as corporate functions and festivals we recommend 10+ dancers depending on the size of your event and space in the venue.

Join The Dancers: For anyone wanting to be apart of the show we will require some rehearsal time in a professional dance studio. You will have 1-2 dance rehearsals with the choreographer privately and 1 rehearsal with all of the professional dancers.

Optional Extras: Singers can be added into the show if you would like to add somethig more.

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