The Freestylers is the best of the best in hip hop, krumping, breaking, capoeira, funk, bootylicious body work, clowning, soul, breakswing and of course freestyle!

Sydney, Travel to anywhere in the world if expenses are paid, NSW, Australia

The Freestylers will improvize the dance at your special event!

The Freestylers will feel the moment and rock it on at your party!

The Freestylers are always spontaneous in the mix!


The Freetylers consists of the finest individuals ever assembled in one team. All its members are high profile dancers from various international television commercials, photographic still campaigns and music videos.

The Freestylers have performed all over the globe from London, South East Asia, South America and Australia.

Depending on the date, the Freestyle core members would/could incorporate Sebastiao Teixeira, Supple Nam, Laura New, Manuela Oliveira, Csaba Szirmai, Kate Barnes, Eric Devellerez, Troyante Tang, Paul Agyapong, Josival Bispo, Cosme Ferreira, Yannus Sufandi, Riuben Hernandez, Marcelo Costa, Rosa Agius, Melinda Little, Sarrah John, Eve Robinson, Daniel Thompson and Nikki Taylor.

Amongst our famous and most popular themes, you would be happy to know that we can represent the Retro 80's era, street NYC hip hop lifestyle and the silver & black Hollywood Future look.

Music wise, we can dance to any type of music that your DJ, sound system or live band is playing without any restrictions. Reggaeton, hip hop, techno, house, r&b, disco, electro, breakbeats, Latin, merengue, you name it, we guarantee you that we can dance to it in full effect!!!

We can also operate as straight out podium dancers or audience interaction to get you living and freestyling the moment with us.

We can be all girls, all guys or be mixed up and most importantly be a multicultural mix so that we can satisfy to every demographic market.

The Freestylers will also allow you to film us for your own personal use.

 We guarantee to make you dance!!!

The Freestylers are fantastic to perform at your:

  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Private House Party
  • Teenagers Birthday Events
  • Nightclubs
  • Business Functions

The Freestylers are also happy to be fully costumes in any brand logo image corporate wear that you can provide us to further enhance our representation of your company at such important event that you are booking us to do. We are also happy for you to call us whatever you want.

Our passion, our energy, our dance, our love.

We look forward to working with you soon.


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