Add world-class Bollywood glamour to your next event! From Hong Kong to Mumbai to Melbourne, we’ve delivered spectacular performances for all kinds of events. Call us to find out how we can do it for you!

Richmond, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Sapphire Dance brings an authentic Bollywood experience to any event. Our vibrant dancers are experienced and have performed worldwide. Prepare to have your guests mesmerised by our performances. Get them involved and on the dancefloor through our fun workshops, which will teach them how to dance like a Bollywood star! From intimate private parties to large corporate functions, at Sapphire Dance we know exactly how to get your guests involved in an unforgettable and unique experience.

We offer several different packages, depending upon your theme and budget requirements. Our most popular performance packages are below, however we’re always ready to tailor a package to your requirements or put together a custom quote:

The Blue Jewel:  One 8-10 minute dance show, using a mix of high energy Bollywood songs.

Sparkling Star:  Two 8 minute dance shows OR one 15 minute dance show, performed to a medley of Bollywood tunes.

Exquisite Sapphire: One 8 minute dance show followed by a 20-25 minute workshop with audience participation, during which a range of fun Bollywood moves are taught. This one is bound to bring out the cheeky side of your guests!

The Royal Show: Two 8 minute dance shows OR one 15 minute dance show, finishing with a 20-25 minute workshop with audience participation during which a range of playful Bollywood moves are taught.


At Sapphire Dance, we are professional, experienced and versatile – and we absolutely love what we do!

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