Tumbarumba is a five piece band, fusing the Brazilian rhythms of Batucada, Samba Reggae and Baion with Funk, Hip hop and Ragga in a dance inducing explosion of percussion and voice.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

It is a collective passion for Brazilian music that bonds Tumbarumba together. Following in the footsteps of Brazilian percussion organisations like the world famous Olodum, who fused Samba and Reggae, Tumbarumba combine a wealth of Brazilian musical material with the inevitable influences of the Australian multicultural experience. Through their performances, Tumbarumba form a link to the spirit of Brazil that Australians relate to.

Tumbarumba can feature as performers in a number of ways. Appearing as a five-piece ensemble, the following public performances are most effective.

  • Amplified concerts, club, stage appearances for a huge sound and a diverse range of instruments. Exciting party vibe.
  • Café style Brazilian Folk
  • Roving or Stationary street performances a guaranteed crowd pleaser. No amplification required
  • Collaborations with DJ



City born country boy, Mark has accumulated over twenty years of experience as a drummer, percussionist, teacher and co-ordinator, and unleashed it on the band. A dedication to Batucada throughout a varied musical career (Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Brazilian and World music) seems to qualify him to call himself MD of the group (Mad Delinquent) but whatever you call him he is most definitely a dynamic and energetic driving force.


'Big sounds from small person'. The youngest member of the group, and constantly amazing everyone with her unlikely schedule of studying music, working, rehearsing, performing, teaching and composing. The fastest evolving member of the Batucada species- step back and watch her go.

JULIAN "Pappa Julez" GOYMA

Has the ability to bring out the Funk in anyone. A gifted drummer to say the least, he can't help himself than to throw a back beat over whatever folkloric rhythm. He'll come up with something that will give you the need to dance regardless of how many left feet you have.


A percussionist for most of his life, Salvadore brings into the band the strong Latin influence of Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia. Barely a serious moment unless he has a drum in his hand, it's vibe and style but watch him play and you'll see a powerful and versatile force.


Greek Australian funky drummer, Nick is the man of the minute when Tumbarumba is most in need. Blessed with soulful vocal ability, his beats will stir your feet whilst his melodies soothe your ears.


He draws on his training as a composer/musician (violin, percussion and voice) to bring musicality and sensitivity to an all percussion band. He is the head of a world music education and retail operation one minute and a crazy Italiano party animal the next.


'Soul Sister'. The other half of the dynamic 'Team Sister', is a little harder to define. No doubt she is a talented and natural percussionist and vocalist but where she gets her electricity from when she starts to dance is a mystery. She has total commitment to the group, it's music and what it represents.



New Years Eve Brazilian Canival Party at the Bottanical Hotel

St Kilda Festival

Bendigo Festival of Cultures

Cragieburn Festival

Opening of SBS Studios at Federation Square

Melton Harmony Day

St Kilda Global Garden Party

Trinity College "Big Noise 2003"

Tumbarumba & Skin at the Esplanade Hotel

Tumbarumba at Barbukka live for Channel 31


Bendigo Races
Eltham Festival
Acland Aloha Festival
Trident Festival
The Royal Melbourne Show
'Casa de Samba' at The Night Cat
Workshops at Sale

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