Warm up your winter, Spice up your summer,
Ignite your senses...

Fairfield, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen

Roll up roll up!!!

Roll up your sleeves, your burittos, your surlers, or perhaps just roll up in a limousine if that’s more your style no?

Prepare to be scintillated, captivated,

Inspired and fascinated,

By passionate and dedicated

Performing artists from La Eccentrix

About Us
With a talented professional crew of performing artists, La Eccentrix produces unique highly polished stage, floor and roving acts to complement a wide range of events. The skill and grace of fire twirling are seamlessly intertwined with elements of dance, circus, magic and theatrix, to create a high impact and very entertaining sensory experience.
Complete with fabulous costuming and an interesting array of stage props, nearly any type of space can be transformed into a stage setting for an engaging performance.
Impress your guests at a corporate function, fire up a festival, treat the kids to some flaming fun, add some zest to a community event or indulge in some hot booty shakin action to get your party into gear.
Whatever the occasion, with spectacular fire shows, fabulous roving fire performers, dynamic African drummers and dancers, and a saucy cabaret show, you're sure to be dazzled with La Eccentrix.    
We can tailor a performance to suit your requirements, or choose from one of our sensational creations.

Our current fire shows include;

Aloha Ahi
This spirited celebration of rhythm, movement and of course Ahi!!(fire)...will bring joy and vitality to your gathering. Get swept away as Tj Mahina and Mistress Luakini bump, sway and shimmy their way through a delightful array of fire  props, including the traditional Polynesian art of poi twirling. If you’re really good they might even get you up to learn the traditional hula dance!!

Complete with gorgeous costumes, colourful leis, and a dynamic soundtrack, this exotic and energetic performance will have  your guests singing ‘Hana Hou!!!’ (one more time!!!)
Be enchanted...Bellatrix emerges from a chrysalis state ready to take on a thrilling array of flaming props and electrifying rhythms, in an awe inspiring performance for audiences of all ages.

The danger and excitement of fire twirling is seamlessly intertwined with funk and African dance in an amazing show that will leave you breathless! With a stunning tribal costume in purple and silver pvc, and a captivating soundtrack from Afro Celts, this fiery gem is guaranteed to please!
Blazin Hussies
Blazin' Hussies are the ‘must have' accessory at every notable occasion these days. These enticing crowd pleasers will have your guests coming back for more!
How to make a Blazin' Hussy; Take two cheeky chix, add a drop each of jazz and Salsa, a bit of bollywood, and a good dose of cabaret. Now set fire to the lot, throw in a white rabbit and top hat, and serve with a dollop of silly, a splash of sexy, several shakes, 1.5 giggles and a shimmy or two to taste...; Take two cheeky chix, add a drop each of jazz and Salsa, a bit of bollywood, and a good dose of cabaret. Now set fire to the lot, throw in a white rabbit and top hat, and serve with a dollop of silly, a splash of sexy, several shakes, 1.5 giggles and a shimmy or two to taste...

They can be mixed to suit your needs, from a 2.5 minute disco inferno to a full 15 minute flaming infusion.
Zagawa.....'bursts of light'
Live African drums set the pace in this highly energizing interplay of rhythm and movement. The African inspired dance moves alone are extremely vigorous, and combined with fire and live percussion this is a powerful and intoxicating performance that commands attention.
Zagawa is perfect to fully engage your guests, get the atmosphere pumped for a rockin party, or host an exhilarating stage show that commands attention. Tj Mahadhi, Mistress Chemuka and these talented drummers will certainly get some pulses thumping and some feet stomping in this energetic act


Blazin’ Hussies @ Roarhouse -  June 2008
"This letter is in recognition of the fantastic performance delivered to an extremely enthusiastic Roarhouse crowd by the Blazin’ Hussies at our Annual Crazy Chix Showcase... Roar can happily recommend this show as exciting, energetic, colourful, filled with fun and a please for any audience."
Marjetka Mc Mahon (Roarhouse)
Blazin Hussies @ The Glasshouse May 2008  
"The Blazin' Hussies gave a fabulous highlight to our night. Excellent, professional, entertaining and fun!"
Isabel Hertaeg - Cabaret Artist, Actor, Producer.
Blazin Hussies @ Rainbow Serpent –January 2008
“The performer’s stage at Rainbow serpent festival 2008 was for the first time graced by the professional and highly talented duo “Blazin’ Hussies”. Audiences were held spellbound by this glitz and glam, flaming extravaganza!
In a dynamic blend of dance, delightful costume and impressive fire tricks, accompanied by carefully selected music, cabaret fire theatre under the stars, took place.
From us on the performance co-ordination team I would like to extend our appreciation for a great show and the joy that these girls are to work with.
Summer Joy Blair (Performance Coordinator, Rainbow serpent festival)

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