Raze your party/event's profile with an outstanding show from Australia's greatest fire group!

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Razed in Flames is a fire performer/ agent servicing Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Specialising in dragonstaff and fire eating, Razed in Flames works with talented fire performers from all across Australia and strives to continuously improve the fire arts through collaboration.

With options ranging from a single fire eater to full 8 person fire twirling stage performances. Razed in Flames provides diverse and unique fire shows that incorporate fire dancing with equipment such as fire staffs, fire poi and dragonstaffs that transform your venue into a firescape ensuring your event will stand out from the crowd.  Fire dance performers utilize a variety of skills such as fire eating, fire juggling, fire dancing and of course fire spinning / twirling. 

Fire twirling shows are perfect for wedding entertainment, festivals, council events, private parties, night-clubs, venue openings, awards ceremonies, NYE and holliday functions and music festivals

Specialist fire fuels allow for indoor fire twirling performances and our public liability insurance allows any venue to host a fire performance.

What We Do:

Featuring solo, duo, or even eight person displays, Razed in Flames will create a breathtaking and mesmerizing sensory experience with artistry guaranteed to leave the audience in a state of awe.

Welcoming Flames

Want to give your guest a warm welcome? From a solo fire eater or exotic fire dancer to multiple artists, impress your guests from the moment they arrive.  Razed in Flames invites you to browse through our pictures and videos to have a glimpse of how we can service your event’s entertainment needs. Whether it is a solo fire eater or a graceful Poi artist, at Razed in Flames we know that fire, in any form, is the best way to impress.

Stage Show

Fire performance stage shows are the best way to go for those really special occasions.  Razed in Flames presents crowd wowing show spectaculars. Unity of play and skill, toys and spirit, fire and passion allows our performers to enhance any event. The flame comes to the stage being traced on the body and quenched as it is eaten, again returning to spin and dance around toys, bodies and hands. Performers weave fire poi and body-roll burning staves, spin fire hoops and dance with palm flames, fire fans, and burning umbrellas. Fire dragonstaffs slither over bodies leading to a finale that honours the element itself.


Throughout an event Razed in Flames can delight your guests by roving amongst them with fire eating and chi-balls. Our smaller pieces of fire equipment allows us to get close enough to your guest to make them feel like the show was made just for them.


Razed in Flames makes contact staffs of the highest quality which are designed by a twirler for a twirler.  Razed in Flames also makes dragonstaffs for the brave of heart.

With access to a dance studio in the Gold Coast, Razed in Flames can help you learn fire twirling with experienced professionals.  Our  performers are highly skilled in staff, poi, fans, clubs, dragonstaff, contact staff, double staff, hulahoop and more.  Contact us for more information on fire twirling workshops or fire twirling lessons at our dance studio.

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