Mrs Browne MC, guest celebrity and speaker (of her mind) relaxes the most stressed event goer and keeps everything running smooth as a Guiness.

Gosford, Sydney, NSW, Australia


In Ireland I’m Mrs Brown but when I got invited to Australia some eejet couldn’t spell my invitation proper, so now I'm Mrs Browne (with an ‘E’) and accused of being a Mrs Brown impersonator.

That’s nice! How do do do?

Since I became Mrs Browne (with an ‘E’), I been asked to MC, speak, or just turn up to just about every feck’n conference, award ceremony, exhibition, expo and convention, (which is grand ‘cause I’m not feckin’ conventional).

I don't usually meddle in other people's business but bein' as I am from Dublin and a 'matriarch' at that, it's only natural I provide some kindly advice now and again to the lovely people who ask me for help.

I don’t give a feck if you’re the biggest company in the world or just a mother like me, strugglin’ to put food on the table. Give me a call and we’ll see what can be done to help.

Be good to yerself now.

Agnes Browne (with an ‘E’)

Just call me Mammy.

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