Former lead singer of the Platters Vocal group (Paul Robi's group)

Culver City , Los Angeles, California, OTH, United States

As a 21 year veteran of the Platters, I'm now presenting a tribute act, that does not mis-lead my audiences to believe that the original members still exist. There are no legitimate group of Platters with any original members other than Herb Reed working. I spent 21 years working with the most responsible and talented member of the Platters. I can honestly say that I grew up traveling throughout Australia. These days I prefer to work a more classical market, in other words, with String quartets and more symphonic orchestras deliver along with my style, the true sound of the original Platters sound. Know worldwide


Elmer Hopper spent 21 years with The Platters. In 1974, at the age of nineteen met Paul Robi, and became partners in a studio project that was actually founded by Hopper.
Soon after receiving what seemed like large dollar advancement from Motown Record Company for a tune Hopper wrote along with renowned producer, Freddie Perren and his wife Christine Yarian. The tune is called “Little Broken Hearted Girl, Little Broken Hearted Boy” featured on the album “Don’t Cha Love It” by the Miracles. Lead vocals- Billy Griffin.
Elmer, was trained personally by Paul Robi, (the baritone singer of the original Platters) He accompanied Paul on many international tours spanning the globe from Japan and China, to Canada and Australia in what was said to be the best ensemble of The Platters since the group’s inception.
Elmer Hopper and Paul Robi were best of friends for more than 15 years until Paul succumbed to cancer in February of 1989. Paul did not leave Elmer without a final message of inspiration. During a visit, just a few days before Paul passed away, he asked Elmer to …Please continue keeping The Platters legacy alive!”
Not long after losing his dear friend and mourning the loss of a great team member, Elmer hit the stage with renewed vigor touring the world with The Platters for the next several years.  Several years after leaving the Platters, 1995 to be exact,
Elmer Hopper teamed up with another incredible vocalist John Mills, the son of the late Donald Mills of the legendary Mills Brothers. These days John Mills and Elmer Hopper tour the world as The Mills Brothers, though Hopper is not a Mills brother, nor related in any way other than the genuine musical up bringing of classic music. If you ever get the opportunity to check out this dynamic duo on stage, just sit back and close your eyes and you will hear and feel without a doubt, the magic of the Mills Brothers impeccable sound.
The total year of both Mills and Hopper’s combined experience of hard work and dedication ads up to be about 100 years.
Elmer Hopper also tours as former lead singer of the Platters in a spectacular tribute that is as only as he can perform. The exact sound of the Platters.

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