The Jugglenaut is an unstoppable juggler with a quirky style and a predilection for corny rock songs.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Michael, a.k.a “The Jugglenaut”, has spent four years mastering circus skills and rocked stages for three of them. He’s wowed small parties and audiences of up to a thousand with his unique blend of skill, quirky style and complete inability to be ‘cool’. Based in Sydney, he’s available to perform amazing feats of dexterity with as many as seven objects and as few as one, including special short performances with fire manipulation, light-up juggling balls or a very gentlemanly hat and cane. He also has a full 20 minute show combining comedy, juggling, fire and much more!

The Jugglenaut has performed in Luna Park's Big Top, at the Fringe Festival, with Newcastle's Circus Avalon, regular shows at the Victoria Room, and a huge number of private, corporate and charity functions.



Stage Performances

There’s nothing cooler than a leather jacket, right? Aviators too? That’s just groovy. Watch as The Jugglenaut performs incredible feats of dexterity with up to seven balls and still completely fails to convince the audience that he’s cool.

Or turn the lights off and experience a completely different world for a few minutes as balls float in the air, manipulated with exceptional juggling skill.

(Coming Soon) Perhaps a glimpse of high society as The Jugglenaut delivers a perfectly polished routine with a hat, cane and mysterious white ball?

(Available Now) Or if you need something longer, The Jugglenaut also has a twenty minute show combining some of his acts as well as entirely new material!

Roving Performances

The Jugglenaut can adapt any of his stage personas into a roving one, welcoming guests to your party or becoming the center of attention as feats of juggling occur even in your guests’ hands!

Alternatively, he’s willing to adapt to any theme your party already has! Halloween? He’s been itching to get his Michael Jackson jacket out of the cupboard. Harry Potter? Too easy!

Fire Performance

The Jugglenaut is also available to put himself in ridiculous amounts of danger for your entertainment! The Jugglenaut is a master of the ancient art of poi and no stranger to juggling fire. All he requires is an open area outside of at least 4 m2.

Some quotes:

"Wow, did you deliver a great show! ... You were extremely professional, punctual, and were a fabulous entertainer. " - Lara S. 21st Birthday Party

"The best thing I've ever seen, and I've been alive since World War Two!" - Audience member, Circus Avalon.

"Michael was a consummate professional throughout our whole experience. The crowd loved his performance." James F. 30th Birthday Party

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