different modern juggling-acts for events, festivals, varieté

worldwide, worldwide, OTH, Germany

eventjonglage represents an innovative and inventive artistic for - galas - festivals - events - product- and fashion- shows - variety theaters - openings, anniversaries, celebrations, … Various juggling performances, that completely differ in their style and way of presentation, add an exciting change and a unique peak to any event.

Supported by his partner, a spectacular throwing-machine, Christoph Rummel shows a speed-charged and dynamic show act.
In an always changing and fresh way he has his technical assistant throw and hand over up to five clubs that he shows impressive tricks with.
The perfect colaboration of man and machine, exactly adjusted to the music, leads to a unique show-highlight.
Duration ~ 7 min.

When Christoph Rummel makes one and even two devilsticks (originating in an ancient Chinese game) dance through space, and when he uses a glowpole to draw phantastic pictures into the dark, you easliy doubt the law of gravity.
Modern music and fluid movements create a harmonious performance based on a rare juggling prop that invites you to lay back and be amazed.
Duration ~ 6 min.

Jeans and a muscle shirt, cool beats and whirling aluminium poles provide impressive visual effects and a rousing show.
An eventful mix of pole-turning, devilstick artistic and juggling with up to 5 poles define this remarkable and dynamic performance.
Duration ~ 6 min.

Fire & Light-juggling

Juggling with glowballs or fire torches

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